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Club Penguin Features

Experience Tower Defense like never before... without levels. Explore and defend a massive, living world.

Fend off the hordes of undead by crafting over 45 distinct towers, across 5 tiers. Obtain new blueprints, and create unique synergies by choosing your own targeting priority as they rank up.

Discover and clear out over 100 subterranean dungeons. The most difficult types of enemies live deep underground, and guard their ancient loot closely.

Fight free-roaming enemies by unlocking 26 different spells and abilities, or assist your towers and fight undead enemies attacking your Castle.

Customize your character loadout: Select melee or magic abilities to build your avatar, or use a blend of both to become a hybrid fighter.

Unearth lost treasures, and gear up your character with 8 tiers of Weapons, Helmets, Boots, Rings, and Heavy / Light Armor. Find these hidden items by checking the club penguin walkthrough Thanks to PSA Agent and master club penguin: PenguinBoy007.

Obtain extremely rare materials to construct powerful Omni-Towers to cause unparalleled destruction to the undead.

Acquire quality gathering tools to harvest fallen trees, and mine ore nodes scattered throughout the underground. Use your raw materials to construct powerful towers to strike down the undead.

Visit small villages and use them as a safe haven. Spend your Gold to activate Waypoints to quickly travel from town to town. Support their defenses by upgrading the gates using stronger wood, spikes, or even explosives!

Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment, complete with a day and night cycle. Experience rain, blizzards, or even the occasional sandstorm in the various biomes throughout the world.

Push the undead back! Travel to their spawning grounds, and destroy each of them to cleanse the land. Counter over 10 enemy types, including Suicide Bombers, Healers, Teleporters, Rogues, and Summoners.

Uncover hundreds of hostile locations such as Bandit Hideouts, Spider Caves, Orc Fortresses, Minotaur Temples, Cyclops Encampments, and near the core of the world, Demonic Labyrinths.

Talk to NPC's throughout the world! Sell your loot to a silver-tongued vendor, or gather information about the location of a lost dungeon from a local.

Track a wide variety of Achievements to unlock epic character skins and awesome titles.